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  Littlebirdtechnologies offers two ways to protect customers' data: a Simple Hosted off-site back-up solution, and a Fully-Dedicated Hosted and Managed off-site solution.

Simple Hosted off-site back-up

This solution is perfect for small amounts of data. The customer data is replicated over a secure internet connection to a shared back-up server at our data center. These back-up servers are maintained and monitored 24/7, and although the back-up server is shared between customers, the data is not. Each customer is given a partition of disk space based on its needs, and that partition is only accessible by the individual customer. The back-up schedule can be configured to back up the customer's data on a daily, weekly, or customized schedule. Emails are sent out to alert the customer of back-up disk quotas, and job success or failure notifications.

Fully-Dedicated Hosted and Managed off-site back-up

When customers need to back up large amounts of data, a two-stage approach is needed. A local server is installed at the customer's site, which will perform all daily back-ups at LAN speeds. A remote dedicated server will be installed at our data center, in which the local back-up server will replicate its back-up data for off-site protection. Software agents will be installed on all servers that need to be backed up. The local server is managed and maintained by our staff, but access and job ownership is under customer control. The local server aides in back-up and restoration performance since it is on the customer's site and is operating at LAN speeds. 99.9% of all restores will occur from the local server and, should a disaster occur and eliminate the local server, the remote server will still retain the data in a safe off-site location.

The off-site data can be retrieved in one of two ways:

1. The customer can connect to the remote server and perform a restore across a secure internet connection.

2. The customer can retrieve the entire server and connect it to the local LAN and access it at LAN speeds for quicker recovery.

Data back-ups are becoming more and more critical; how is your data backed up? Do you back up on-site or off-site? Do you test your back-ups, and can you recover them, should the need arise?

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