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  Littlebirdtechnologies servers are located in a highly secure and redundant datacenter in Eden Prarie, MN. The following details can be provided:

Electrical Power
Xcel Energy provides power to the building. There are eight (8) electrical service feeds into the building from three different Xcel Energy transformer vaults. Two 3,000amp 480volt services and one 1,000amp 208volt service are dedicated to the building's mechanical equipment & UPS systems. Four 3,000amp 208volt services provide general building power. The additional 3,000amp 208volt service is held in reserve.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
All customer equipment in the data center is connected to one of our four UPS units. These UPS units condition all the data center power and are located on the data center floor. The UPS units are connected to the building power and automatically transfer to the building generators in the event of a power failure.

Backup/Generator Power
There are three backup diesel generators for the building. The generators are on an automatic transfer switch. One generator is located in the penthouse and provides the backup power for the general building and emergency services such as building elevators. The other two generators are located in the sub-basement of the building and are used for the data center. These two generators are in parallel load and provide emergency power when needed. System testing occurs once per month under simulated load. Fuel contracts are in place for all building generators.

Fire Suppression
The data center provides a clean agent fire suppression system to safely protect your hardware in the event of an emission. The Halon 1301 system is independent of the building system, redundant and zoned.

Cooling & Climate Control
The building HVAC consists of perimeter induction units with fan coils serving the interior zones at 750 square feet. There are six (6) chillers that provide cooling for the building:

* One (1) 550-ton Carrier chiller
* One (1) 450-ton Trane chiller
* One (1) 250-ton Trane chiller
* Three (3) 500-ton Trane chillers

Twelve (12) 15 and 20-ton Liebert units cool the data center. Chilled water for these units is supplied by the building HVAC system and the power for these units is connected to the building generators in the event of an external power failure.

Facility Access
Facility access for colocation customers is 24x7x365.

Facility Security
The data center is protected by three token authentication; something you have (proximity card); something you are (biometric palm reader) and something you know (PIN number).

1. Proximity card to get through the first layer of security allowing you to get to the data center lobby.
2. Photo ID to be checked against data center records and exchanged for a key to your rack.
3. A PIN number is required to be entered just before your palm print is read.

Network Connectivity
The data center currently maintains Internet backbone connections with three providers.

Network Availability
The data center operates a highly redundant N+1 network configuration. In addition to the spare equipment we maintain on site and the redundant network connections purchased from upstream carriers, service agreements are in place with critical vendors to provide replacement units or components. The data center utilizes Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing to manage the connectivity to our national providers. Traffic volumes are managed to a predefined percentage of available bandwidth capacity to ensure the efficient flow of data across our core network. In the event of a catastrophic event in either our St. Paul or Minneapolis facility, traffic is automatically rerouted through our intra-facility network to the surviving location. By utilizing diverse carriers to provide connectivity, the data center eliminates a common single point of failure.



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